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Introducing our SafeSip Wide-Calibre Glass Baby Bottle, designed to provide a safe and comfortable feeding experience for your newborn. With its anti-choke design and wide-calibre nipple, this bottle helps reduce the risk of choking and promotes smoother milk flow during feeding. Made from high-quality, BPA-free glass, it offers peace of mind for parents concerned about harmful chemicals leaching into their baby's milk. Give your little one the best start with our SafeSip bottle.

  • Key Features:
  • Anti-Choke Design: Prevents choking by controlling the flow of milk, allowing your baby to feed comfortably and safely.
  • Wide-Calibre Nipple: Mimics the shape and feel of the breast, promoting natural feeding and reducing nipple confusion.
  • Glass Construction: Made from durable and hygienic glass material, ensuring safety and purity for your baby's milk.
  • Anti-Flatulence System: reduces the intake of air bubbles, minimising gas and colic discomfort in your baby's tummy.
  • 0–3 Month Age Range: Specifically designed for newborns, it is suitable for babies in their first few months of life.

SafeSip Wide-Caliber Glass Baby Bottle

SKU: 1005005588636886
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