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Introducing our Revolutionise your baby's feeding experience with our Nourish & Nurture 4-in-1 Feeding Solution: This innovative baby bottle combines four essential functions in one convenient design, allowing your little one to explore new flavours, soothe teething discomfort, and learn independent feeding skills with ease. From fresh fruits to milk and water, this versatile bottle adapts to your baby's changing needs, ensuring nourishment and comfort every step of the way.

  • Key Features:
  • 4-in-1 Design: Functions as a fresh food feeder, milk bottle, drinking water bottle, and teething pacifier, providing comprehensive feeding solutions for your baby.
  • Fresh Food Feeder: This allows your baby to safely explore and enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, and other solids, promoting self-feeding skills and introducing new flavours.
  • Milk Feeding Bottle: Equipped with a nipple attachment for convenient and comfortable milk feeding sessions, ensuring nourishment and satisfaction for your little one.
  • Drinking Water Bottle: Features a straw handle attachment for easy sipping, encouraging hydration and independence during mealtime and playtime.
  • Teething Pacifier: It helps soothe teething discomfort and gum irritation, providing relief and comfort for your baby during the teething process.

Nourish & Nurture 4-in-1 Feeding Solution Baby Nipple Fresh Food Bottle

SKU: 1005005184230073
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